Van Buren County, Michigan

Van Buren County, Michigan has a population of about 76,000.

The county was named in honor of Martin Van Buren.

The county seat is Paw Paw, Michigan.

Paw Paw was established in 1837 and is located in southwestern Michigan, close to Kalamazoo.

Paw Paw produces grapes that are used in the local Michigan wines, jellies and juices.

Parks located in Van Buren County, Michigan include Van Buren State Park, Jeptha Lake Fen Preserve,  Kal-Haven Trail, Ross Preserve, Van Buren Trail State Park, Paw Paw River and the Black River.

Cities and towns located in Van Buren County, Michigan include Paw Paw,  Bangor, Gobles, Hartford, South Haven, Bloomingdale, Breedsville, Decatur, Lawrence, Lawton, Mattawan, Almena, Antwerp,  Arlington, Bangor, Columbia, Covert, Geneva, Hamilton, Keeler, Lawrce, Pine Grove, Porter and Waverly. 

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